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MATDAO Cloud Services integrate industry advantages and resources, providing over 300 business services such as preparation, testing, evaluation and certification of metal materials such as steel, welding materials, and aluminum. There are also professional testing packages to solve testing problems with one click.

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  • Cloud Detection

    Cloud Detection
    Cloud detection/cloud preparation: chemical composition, physical properties, mechanical properties, non-destructive testing, failure analysis, sample processing, typical reports; Smelting, forging, hot rolling, cold rolling
  • Remote Scientific Research

    Remote Scientific Research
    Remote scientific research: SEM Scanning electron microscope, TEM Transmission electron microscopy, EPMA electron probe, metallographic microscope
  • Product Customization

    Product Customization
    Product customization: high-temperature alloys, ultra-high strength steels, insoluble metals, tooling steels, metal powders and products, bulletproof materials, alloy powders, bulletproof materials, porous materials and components, welding materials, magnetic materials, precision alloys

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